Let Your Heart Open As You Step Into Shamanism

This is a short dive into discovering shamanism. Please enjoy this unique gift offering

Course Summary

This is an invitation from my heart to yours. I am here with you my dear soul sisters and brothers inviting you into the depths of your creative imagination. As you listen to these four brief audio message meditations allow yourself to go inside, allow yourself to surrender to the wisdom and intelligence of your inner knowing. We all “see” in di!erent ways once we release our eyes from “seeing” the external world.

Course Curriculum

Sharon Ramel

Sharon has been offering spirit-based courses both online and in small groups since 2008 to encourage a unique spiritual awakening leading to mindfulness and peace within each and every one of us. Every student is personally welcomed by via ceremony as she performs a sacred offering of drumming, rattling or chanting for every person to bring us into the sacred space.

Join over 50,000 students globally in 129 countries in exploring shamanism with Sharon in a unique heartfelt way.

Course Pricing

  • Step Into Shamanism
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    You have seven days to taste shamanism